45-year-old Tracy had suffered from a discomfort in her right foot for 8 months. There was a dull ache in the contiguous halves of the third and fourth toes. She had tried some specially made insoles from the chiropodist but didn't get any help. Recently she started having a hot feeling in the same place on her other foot. She went to see the doctor and was diagnosed with Morton's neuroma, which is a fibrous tissue formation around the intermetatarsal plantar nerve. Since the medication didn't help, the doctor mentioned to her about the possibility of surgery. When one of Tracy's friends asked me for her about this problem, I suggested she try some acupuncture before going for operation, because I'd had the same cases in the past and acupuncture helped. The ache in her right foot eased off after the first session, and there was only a hot sensation left, which was more obvious when she was doing exercise. After another two sessions, her left foot was back to normal but the sole of her right foot felt numb. She also described a feeling like having a pebble in the shoe. After the fourth session, there was only a numb feeling left on the tip of her third toe. After the fifth session, she had no discomfort at all. A month later I was told that Tracy's feet were still perfect.