Bryan had suffered from ear infection for 3 years. When had a flare-up, both of his ears would be very painful and soon blocked by ear wax, some fluid might come out. Since he was allergic to antibiotics, he could only use ear drops. Every time he had to use them for at least 2 weeks before feeling better then a relapse would come soon. The recurrent ear infection made this 33 year-old man feel generally unwell. His hearing started to deteriorate and his energy was so low that he felt like an old man. He was desperate and decided to give acupuncture a try. Analyzed his condition, I chose some acupuncture points in his neck and back. When he had the second session, he could feel that another relapse was starting again. But surprisingly this time the symptoms didn’t last as long as he expected, and the discharge stopped very quickly after the treatment. He was more energetic than he had been. After a couple of more sessions the infection played up a bit, but again only lasted for a few days and there wasn’t any fluid coming out. As he felt better and better, we reduced the treatment from once a week to once a fortnight, than to once a month. Until we stopped the treatment a few months later, he didn’t have any more ear infection. Three years later when Bryan’s girlfriend came to see me, I was told that Bryan was still healthy, without any problem with his ears.