Ian is a retired builder. A few months ago he started having pain in his ankles. The doctor said it was arthritis and gave him various medications but they didn't seem to help. With the pain, his walking was very slow and wobbly. Since he is a 6.2 feet big guy I guessed his weight didn't help either. This problem gave him not only pain but also stress. One day he met a friend in the supermarket and started to complain about his problem. The friend recommended he come to see me. When I checked Ian, his ankles were slightly swollen. The pain was mainly in the front of his ankle joints and the left one was worse than the right. For acupuncture I chose a few points in the front of his legs and ankles. A week later Ian came back and said the pain hadn't changed much, so I decided to use some different points in the back of his legs and the side of his ankles. This time it worked brilliantly - when Ian came the following week he said the pain had gone. He had the third session and decided to stop and see how it went. He shook my hand and said:" I couldn't believe it! Many thanks!"