James is a 34-year-old farmer. He first came to see me in 2005, complaining that he often felt anxious especially in the morning after waking up. He didn't know where this feeling came from, and just couldn't calm down and relax. He also had stomach ache and tiredness, and worried about things very much. He had dry mouth and tended to drink lots of water. With the anxiety he felt life was quite miserable. His tongue looked pale, pulse was taut. According to what I saw, I believed his Liver qi was stagnated so that the blood could not nourish the Heart properly. I did acupuncture on his front and back alternately and also some acupressure. After the 2nd session he started to feel better. Then he carried on having some weekly sessions until he felt confident to have a break. Since then, every time when James felt the anxiety was getting worse, he would come to have acupuncture, and he could always get some instant relief.