76-year-old Mr Pearce had a fall in Feb 2012 when the weather was snowy. X-ray showed a crushed vertebra in his lower spine. He was having back pain all the time and had to take eight pain-killing tablets a day, but still didn't get relief. He limped into my clinic with a stick and said:”This pain is dreadful. I would do anything to get some relief.” I put four needles into his back and did some manipulation until he felt an electric sensation going down the legs, then used a machine to send an electric pulse through the needles. Half an hour later when he got up, he said there was a relief already. When Mr Pearce came back for the second session, he told me he’d stopped all the pain killers after last treatment. In the third week, he walked into my clinic without using the stick. In the fourth week, I was told that he had started playing bowling again with a little help from a stool which he put on his left side to support some of his weight. After the fifth session, he felt so confident that decided to stop the treatment for a while. He shook my hand and said:” The treatment was brilliant. I can’t believe it! Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me!”