Recently, a patient who sees me regularly told me that her seven-year-old daughter Annie had developed bedwetting for a while. She was wet every night and got quite embarrassed. The mum wondered if it was to do with stress, as Annie had started getting homework from school and she is the kind of child who wants to do her best. I told her that it's hard to pinpoint what causes this quite common condition, but according to my experience, acupuncture can be very effective in treating it. A few hours later, after school, Annie was in my clinic with her mum. I used only one point in her tummy for acupuncture and moxabustion, followed by acupressure on her back. The treatment lasted about 20 minutes. When I asked how she felt after the treatment, Annie said:"Good, happy!"

A few days later I met Annie's mum on the street and asked how Annie was. She looked so excited and said:"Dry as a bone! She slept through the night after the treatment and wasn't wet in the morning. It's been fine! She loves you!"