25-year-old Beth suffered from a bad pain in her coccyx for 6 months. The pain came every month for a few days and mainly at night time. It was so intense and pain killers didn't help at all. When Beth described the symptom to me, I suspected it was something to do with her menstrual cycle. But I was told that she'd had a coil put in 2 years ago and had no periods since then. On physical examination, I found some sensitive points around her sacrum area and chose two of them for acupuncture. Moxabustion was also applied and two other points in her legs were also used to help loosen the muscles.  Treatments were carried out once a week. After the third session she had the pain again and also a little bleeding in her vagina. I suggested she go to see her GP to have the coil checked. It turned out there was nothing wrong with the coil, according to her doctor. We carried on with the treatment and the pain didn’t come back the following month. Now it's been 6 months since the last bout and Beth still comes to see me for other health issues - she became a big believer of acupuncture.