34-year-old Sharon had a bad cough for over 2 months. She'd actually had a similar sinario 2 years ago, which lasted 4 months. This time, after a cold, it kept on and on again, bothering her day and night. It was a dry cough, which could be triggered by change of temperature, speaking or unknown reason. Sometimes it could be a paroxysmal spasmodic fit. It was her physiotherapist who noticed her stubborn problem then recommended she come to see me. At the time, I wasn't feeling too confident about this case - in my experience, cough is often hard to treat. Anyway, I selected some points in her arms and back and did acupuncture. She came back a week later and said her cough had reduced significantly during the night and become shallower in daytime. We did another session and her cough got better again. After 3 sessions, she said there was "almost nothing" left. Also, she was feeling better in general and more energetic than before. After the 4th session, she was confident to take a long break from the treatment.