36-year-old Helena had suffered from cystitis for nearly three years. It first started after she had intercourse with her boyfriend one day and had recurred every two or three months, always after sex. As she and her boyfriend were moving together, she feared about the increasing chance of getting relapses. Because conventional medications couldn't stop the recurrence, she started to look for alternative treatments and after some research finally decided to try acupuncture. She also complained about a discomfort of dryness in the vagina. Her periods were normal. I chose two points in her abdomen and another two in her legs for the first acupuncture session. She reported a mild vaginal bleeding followed the treatment, which I believed was the body's normal reaction. We carried on with the acupuncture every a few weeks and some points in her back were also used. For three months since the first session, she didn't have any relapse again. Then I decided to stop the treatment and asked her to come back only when she felt any symptoms. Six months later Helena came to see me for a backache and told me that the cystitis hadn't bothered her again.