65 year-old George is a tall and extremely thin man, who’s always had a weak constitution. He first came to see me in 2008 when he was losing weight and having fatigue. After a few sessions of acupuncture he felt more energetic and put 12 lb’s weight back. In March 2011 he came to see me again for a problem of diarrhoea. For the last 8-9 months he’d had very loose bowels sometimes 2­-3 times a day. He was getting more and more worried as it went on and on, because he was too thin and weak to stand it any longer. In terms of Chinese medicine this was due to deficient Spleen function, so I used some points related with the Spleen on his back and legs for acupuncture. The treatment worked surprisingly well – his diarrhoea got better straight away. He then came back for the second session, and after that he was back to normal.