Jacob, a 25-year-old sports therapist had suffered from diarrhoea for 10  
months. He woke up in the morning with a abdominal ache and had to go to  
the toilet 6-7 times then go again 1-2 times in the evening. He  
also got diarrhoea after doing exercise or drinking water. His tummy  
ache seemed to start from the right lower part of his abdomen and travel  
to the left side, where the urgency of going to toilet was triggered.  He suffered from chronic lower back pain in the past and it was aggravated by the bowels problem. After a series of examination he was given a diagnose of colitis and had medications including steroid, which only gave him a temporary relief. A friend recommended him to see me for acupuncture, and I decided to use some acupuncture points in his tummy and back. Surprisingly, the next day he passed well formed stools once in the morning and once in the evening, and didn't get tummy ache. Although the symptoms gradually came back later, they were not as bad. After the second session, he felt confident enough to go back to running and drove long distance for work without having bad diarrhoea. After the fourth session he felt fine and life was back to normal.