73-year-old Geoff was diagnosed with essential tremor 10 years ago. In the last year or so the symptoms got gradually worse - his upper body, especially his arms and hands, kept shaking badly so that writing, eating and fastening clothes' buttons became more and more difficult. His sleep was restless, memory was deteriorating and speech was getting slower. He also found difficult to concentrate. His blood pressure had been high for a number of years. His tongue had a tough texture with yellow coating. His pulse felt wiry. In terms of Chinese medicine, his condition was recognized as Liver Wind. I chose some points on his head, neck, back and arms for acupuncture. Surprisingly, after the first session Geoff already felt an improvement – he didn’t spill his food or drink as much when he held them. After 2 sessions, his hand was more controllable when he was writing. After six sessions, he could play his accordion more easily. A week after the 11th session, his symptoms suddenly had a big improvement that he could hardly feel the shake. Last time he saw me was after recovering from a concussion and ribs fracture caused by a fall. This was 4 months after the previous acupuncture session, and his essential tremor was still mild.