Bill is a 67-year-old retired farmer. He had always been very healthy and strong until 2011, when he suddenly had a severe pain in his lower abdomen and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The cancer had badly damaged his colon and an operation had to be carried out to remove part of it. To control cancer in the prostate, he’d been given injections, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Amazingly, all the treatments had gone well due to his strong constitution. But there had been a nuisance which he wanted to get some help from acupuncture – since he had the cancer he had to get up 4-5 times a night to pass water. I used a few acupuncture points on his tummy, and inserted the needles deeply to make him get a peculiar sensation, which is required for getting good effects. A week later, Bill told me he only needed to get up twice each night. Since then he's been coming to see me once a month for health maintenance, and the frequency of his night urination is always twice.