59 year-old Mrs Jackson came from Scotland. Her complaint was a stomach pain for 15 years. She often felt bloated in the stomach and belched a lot. The symptoms seemed had started after she took a lot of antibiotics for an infection many years ago. Her doctor said it was gastritis and prescribed various medications, but none of them could get rid of the symptoms completely. I gave her an electro-acupuncture treatment. The points I used were Zhong Wan in the abdomen, Liang Qiu in the legs, Ge Shu and Gan Shu in the back. When came to see me again the following week, Mrs Jackson was with a big smile and said: “It was marvellous! I haven’t felt any stomach pain for a week, and the bloating is much better as well.” After the second session, her symptoms were completely gone. A year later when she came to see me again for another health problem, I was told that her stomach had been fine since the last treatment.