Thomas is 10 years old and has had hay fever for 2 years. When the weather warms up, his nose is runny, eyes are itchy, and he sneezes a lot. Some days the symptoms can get really bad that he can’t stop sneezing and can’t open his eyes. If he is playing outside when this happens, he has to come back home. He’s been to see the doctor but the medication he got didn’t work. One day his mum was having a telephone conversation with a friend and started talking about her son’s problem, the friend suggested he try some acupuncture. A few days later Thomas was in my clinic with his mum.  I used a few points on his back for acupuncture, and he was very relaxed during the treatment. After three sessions his symptoms seemed to have stopped. I said to his mum that we could have a break and see how it goes. The next time I saw Thomas was in early summer of the following year. I was told he had been all right after the acupuncture treatment last year, and the reason why he came back was to prevent the hay fever since this was the season it used to start. This time Thomas just had one session of acupuncture and didn’t come back again.