Lily, a 58 year-old psychotherapist, had suffered from headaches for 3 months and hadn't been able to work for 2 weeks. The pain was mainly in her temple area and gave her a heavy feeling on the top of her head. She was also having stiff neck and tingling sensation in both hands. Her sleep had been very bad and it made her feel tired all the time. Her doctor couldn't explain what caused it and prescribed some painkillers which didn't help much. For the acupuncture treatment, I used some points on her neck, back and feet. After the first session, she didn't have any tingling in her hands again and had a day without any headaches. After the second session though the headaches were still there, the severity reduced a lot and she felt more energetic. When doing the third treatment, I added a few points on her head and ankles for the bad sleep. She felt the benefit straight away and slept much better. When she had the sixth session, the headaches were very mild and she was already back to work. Two months later when Lily came back for an ache in her hip, she told me the headaches hadn't come back since the last session.