49-year-old June came to see me with a few aches and pains. One of them was headaches, which she'd had for many years, and it seemed to run in the family. She had heard some anecdotes about me for a few years but didn't make up her mind to come, because she couldn't believe sticking pins could work as a medical treatment. Recently may be due to menopause, her symptoms got worse. She started to have headaches almost every day, and her neck felt very stiff and achy. These made her feel tired all the time. She was really frustrated and finally decided coming to see me. I applied electro-acupuncture in her neck and back. Obviously the treatment wasn’t anything she had expected - she said to me:"I'm amazed! I've never had anything as relaxing as this!" Her stiff neck got better straight away. After five sessions the frequency of her headaches reduced from every day to once a week, and the severity was much less. After a few more sessions her headaches didn't come back for months. Then she decided to have a break to prepare her daughter's wedding.