Sarah has had hemorrhoid for 10 years. Her symptoms were not too bad until her pregnancy 17 months ago. Since then she has been suffering from non-stop bleeding, pain and itchiness, especially at night. She has been to see the doctor and tried different ointments but couldn't get relief. She also had 6 sessions of acupuncture treatment from someone and that didn't help either. One day she came to ask me if Chinese herbal medicine could help. I explained to her that although Chinese herbs could be helpful, acupuncture should work more quickly when done properly. The effect of the treatment relies a lot on the practitioner's personal experience. The problem is that hemorrhoid is a very rarely treated condition for many acupuncturists. I suggested we try a couple of sessions and if it still doesn't work we can go for herbal medicine. The acupuncture points I used were in her forearms, calves and lower back. Sarah felt very comfortable after the treatment. She came back 11 days later and told me excitedly that she had very good 10 days and only last night she felt a bit itchy and had a little bleeding. She had the second treatment and said she would ring me again sometime because she was too busy with looking after her child. I haven't heard from her for months since then.