33-year-old Vicki had suffered from tummy aches for many years. She was diagnosed with IBS when she was 18. Quite often, especially when she felt anxious or stressed, there was a crampy ache in her abdomen mostly on the left side. Her stools could be either loose or dry. She would feel lethargic. She also had cold hands and feet. Since none of the medicines could help, she decided to try acupuncture. In the first session, I used some points in her tummy and legs. Moxabustion was combined with needling. She felt very relaxed after the treatment, and her stomach was calmer. In the second session I used some points on her back. Again she felt very good. Since then she didn't have a problem for two months until she took some antibiotics for a leg inflammation. Her symptoms came back, so she visited me again. I did the same treatment as last time and she felt better instantly. She was fine for a long time after this session.