50-year-old John came to see me with a problem of impotence. He said he had always been fit until two years ago when he had myeloma in his spine. The tumour caused a pathological fracture in one of the vertebrae, and made him paralysed in bed for four months. Maybe because he had always been very sporty and having good constitution, after chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation he made an incredibly good recovery from the brink of death. Though his energy level was not as good as before, generally he felt fine and went back on his bicycle again. The impotence just started recently and annoyed him. I guessed this had something to do with the myeloma, which might have affected the transmission of signals in the spinal cord. So I decided to apply acupuncture in the middle and lower part of his spine. When he came back the following week, I was told that his feet felt warmer than before. Ten days later when he came for the third session, he told me that the impotence had gone and his sexuality was back to normal.