A few years ago, after trying to conceive for 13 months, Kerry finally was pregnant. But unfortunately, a miscarriage happened in week thirteen of her pregnancy. From then on, she couldn’t conceive again. Both she and her husband went for thorough examinations and nothing was found abnormal. As Kerry was nearly 40 years old, she thought there was not much chance left, so they tried IVF, but it failed. Finally Kerry decided to try acupuncture. When she first came to see me, I was told that apart from infertility, she also had long-standing aches and pains in her neck and shoulders. Her sleep was not good either. She felt tired and had cold limbs and not very regular periods. Her tongue was pale with teeth marks. Her pulse was thin. These are signs of deficiency of the Kidney Yang. I decided to treat her neck problem and the infertility at the same time, and chose the acupuncture points Tian Zhu, Qu Yuan, Da Zhui, Shen Shu, Ci Liao and San Yin Jiao. After the first session her neck was already a lot better. Just after the third session, to my surprise, I got a phone call from Kerry telling me that she was pregnant! She was so excited and couldn’t believe at all that their dream had suddenly become true. A year later I met Kerry and her healthy little boy on the street. She promised to give me one of her son’s pictures.