32-year-old Julia tried to have a baby with her partner for 2 years but didn't succeed. In the past during her previous marriage, she had tried for 3 years and nothing happened either. Both she and her partner went for examinations and no problems were found. Her periods were normal, but her energy level was a bit low and she often felt tired and headachy. Her extremity, especially the feet, always felt cold. She also suffered from water infection from time to time. According to her symptoms I believed she had Kidney Yang deficiency and I chose two sets of acupuncture points (one on the front and one on the back), and used them alternately. When Julia was having a period after the 10th session of acupuncture, she suddenly had a severe pain in her tummy and back one day and was sent to the hospital. Surprisingly, the examination showed she actually just had a miscarriage. This gave her both disappointment and hope. She carried on with the treatment, and five months later she conceived. She kept having acupuncture until week 13 when all the routine examinations showed normal. The following year Julia sent me a card with a picture of her lovely little daughter.