When Adina and her husband had their first child, everything went smoothly. But a few years later when they wanted a second one, it wasn't that easy this time. They tried for over a year but nothing happened. As she was 39 years old now, Adina reckoned that her reproductive ability was getting weak, so she and her husband decided to try IVF. But unfortunately, two consecutive IVF both failed soon after the embryos were put in. While waiting for the third IVF, Adina came to see me to look for help from Chinese medicine. Two months after we started the acupuncture, the third IVF was carried out. When all the blood tests and ultra-sound scan showed normal, Adina was optimistic and stopped having acupuncture. Everything was fine until the 11th week of her pregnancy, when misfortune happened again - she had a miscarriage. Apparently her body's energy still wasn't strong enough to carry the burden of a fetus. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, this was due to Spleen and Kidney deficiency. The couple were so determined that they booked the 4th IVF session, and Adina came back to me for acupuncture. Two months later the 4th IVF was started again. Since the last miscarriage happened in week 11 of the pregnancy, this time we didn't stop the acupuncture until week 12, when three routine checkups all gave satisfactory results and Adina's tummy was showing a bigger size. Finally Adina gave birth to a beautiful little girl, and I was given a picture of her a year later.