When 42-year-old Michelle came to see me in 2010, she hadn't been feeling well for 6 weeks. She had to urinate frequently and had a burning sensation in the urethra. Her back was aching a lot, and she was feeling tired. Some days when it got worse, she was feverish and headachy. In the last few days she noticed some blood in her urine. To me it sounded like a problem of kidney stones. So I decided to use acupuncture to alleviate the symptoms, and also asked her to go to see her GP for an examination. The acupuncture points I used were on her neck and lower back. When she came back three weeks later, I was told that after last session of acupuncture, the burning pain in her urethra eased off instantly, then the next day after a sudden pain in her back and tummy, she passed some crystal-like bits in the urine. The examinations for the kidneys and bladder she had afterwards didn't show anything wrong, but she still felt tired and headachy. Then she had another session of acupuncture. A week later when she came back, I was told she had passed some more grains of sand after last treatment. We carried on with the acupuncture for a few weeks and finally the symptoms stopped bothering her. In this case, acupuncture probably increased the movements in the organs of urinary system so that kidney stones could be passed out.