Chris, a 33-year-old strong-built man, caught Covid-19 in April 2020. He had fever for a week followed by a pain in his right calf and heel, which then came on in his other leg and spread to the whole body accompanied by joint stiffness. He  lost his energy and couldn't work until a few months later when the symptoms eased. Six months on, his calves were still hurting and affecting his walking, so he came to see me. On examination, his legs were slightly swollen and his calves and right heel felt tender when pressed. His energy was about 80% of normal level. I applied acupuncture on both of his legs and cupping on his back. After the first session the pain reduced, the swelling went down already, and his walking got easier. His energy improved as well. He was very surprised as he had been quite reluctant to try acupuncture before he was pushed by his girlfriend. After every appointment he felt an improvement, and after the fifth session his pain was completely gone and his energy level was back to normal.