49-year-old Andrea caught Covid-19 in March. She had a history of asthma for many years. When Covid hit her, the symptoms  were mainly in her respiratory system. She had bad cough with phlegm, short breath with wheezing, high temperature and extreme fatigue. The symptoms stabilized after a month's treatment of antibiotics and steroid. But six months on, the lung  infection and fatigue were still stopping her from living a normal life. At the time when she came to see me, she was  coughing and bring up yellow phlegm. She had short breath and wheezing after physical activity. She had bad sleep, brain fog  and poor concentration. She said her energy level was about 30% of normal. I applied acupuncture and cupping treatment. When  she came back the following week, she was very excited and said her energy level had risen to 50-55%. She kept having weekly  treatment and after every session she had some improvement. Her brain fog was gone. She could concentrate and started working again. After ten sessions, her energy level was 90-95% of normal and she started jogging. Now Andrea is feeling totally normal and back to cycling and horse riding.