58-year-old Mr Kanp is from Germany. He was on holiday in our area and staying with a friend. When he complained about his loss of sense of smell, his friend recommended he come to see me. He told me that five months ago he had a very bad cold and took antibiotics for it. After that he lost part of sense of smell. He could only sense a strange, unfamiliar smell when some odours were very strong. His throat felt uncomfortable and his taste was also affected. Doctors were not sure what caused this and couldn't help. He was a tall and fit man, and I didn't find anything special when checked his tongue and pulse. As he could only have one session with me before going back home, I told him I wasn't confident about the result, but he still wanted to give it a try.  I applied electro-acupuncture in his head, neck and back, combined with moxabustion and cupping. After the treatment he felt relaxed and said he would go back to Germany and find a practitioner nearby to try more sessions. A few days later I was told by Mr Kanp's friend whom he stayed with that his sense of smell has come back after my treatment. He was so excited and sent his friend quite a few text messages about the amazing result.