Catherine is a 51-year-old teacher. She had a pain in her right leg for 2 years. The pain was mainly in her groin and calf, normally after walking. Her right foot felt hot and the whole leg was often swollen, especially in the evenings. Various examinations didn't show anything wrong and the consultant said it was lymphoedema. In terms of modern medicine, lymphoedema is caused by damage or disruption to the lymphatic system. One function of the lymphatic system is to drain excess fluid from tissues. If the lymphatic system is disrupted or damaged, it can lose this ability and the excess fluid will cause the tissue to swell and lead to pain and a loss of mobility. It's said that although it is possible to control the symptoms using a combination of different techniques, such as massage and compression garments, there is no cure for lymphoedema. In Catherine's case, she couldn't get any relief for 2 years and the symptoms became worse. A friend recommended acupuncture and sent her to me. I used a few points in her lower back and right leg and applied acupuncture to improve the circulation. Amazingly, in the week after the first session, she only felt a mild pain in her groin once. After the second session she didn't have any pain and only occasionally had light swelling on the outside of her calf. Since she felt the leg was back to normal and not bothering her at all, Catherine decided to stop the acupuncture and see how it was going. A month later I was told that her leg was still doing well and without any problem.