72-year-old Jenny had osteoarthritis in her neck for many years. Three years ago her neck pain got so bad that she had to have two intervertebral discs replaced, and the pain eased a lot. Two days ago she woke up with a very painful and stiff neck. The pain was so severe that she couldn't move her head. She suspected it might have been caused by a fall she'd had a week ago. She phoned her GP to describe the problem and ask for an appointment, but was told that it's not surprising to have some pain from a fall, and it should get better in a few days. When Jenny came to see me, she was still angry about the GP and complaining a lot. I used four pairs of acupuncture points in her neck, upper back and hands. Electric impulse and moxabustion were also applied. Half an hour later, Jenny got up, absolutely amazed. She gently moved her head and said:"I can't believe it. It's marvellous!" 
Two days later I got a phone call from Jenny. She said:"I'm just phoning to let you know that in the last two days after your treatment, I woke up in the morning without any pain in my neck. I haven't felt like this for twenty years! I've always been on pain killers. This is marvellous! Thank you so much!"