Allan is a 68-year-old semi retired farmer. He complained of an 18 months history of worsening neck pain. The pain was going up to the back of his head and down to his shoulders. He also felt dizzy and couldn't control his balance when walking. The pain was really quite severe and he had to go and lie down to give his neck a rest on occasions. This was wearing him down and definitely interfering with his every day activities. He had tried lots of pain killers but not had obvious relief and also had side effects. MRI scan showed severe degenerative change in his spine. Nerve conduction studies showed a left ulnar nerve entrapment and a milder right ulnar nerve entrapment. The spinal surgeon felt that cervical spine surgery is unlikely to benefit. This made Allan decide to try alternative treatments such as acupuncture. I combined electro-acupuncture, acupressure and moxabustion, and Allan felt better straight away. After the first session the pain eased off and he didn't have a headache for a whole week, his sleep also improved. After some weekly sessions his condition got more stable and we gradually extended the intervals. Now Allan only comes to see me when the symptoms come back, and there can be months without any problem.