Yvonne first came to see me in 2006, when she was having a pain in her neck. The pain came without any known reason. It was excruciating and travelling down to her left arm. She couldn't move her head and couldn't sleep well either. This made the 47 year-old lady burst into tears when she was telling me the symptoms. According to what I found in the examination I reckoned it was a muscle spasm, and four points in her neck, shoulder and arm were selected for acupuncture. After half an hour's treatment, Yvonne got up and moved her neck, completely amazed. She was pain free and walked out excitedly like a little girl.

Three years later Yvonne came to see me again with a lower back pain, which had lasted for a few weeks and was stopping her from driving the taxi. Fortunately she was pain free right after the acupuncture session again. When made payment for the treatment, she was holding the notes in front of me and said:"This is the worthiest money I've ever spent!"