80-year-old Mrs Young had painful knees for about 10 years. X-ray showed both her knees had osteoarthritis. She'd tried different medications, but the pain gradually got worse, even spread to her calves and shins. She'd become so annoyed because she started to have difficulty with walking properly. Due to degeneration, both her knee joints looked bulging. At first she was very reluctant to come for acupuncture because she couldn't understand how it works. It was her husband who benefited from my treatment persuaded her to see me, and I had to give her some explanation on acupuncture before she agreed to have a try. Luckily, after the first session she already felt a difference. After the third session, her left knee stopped hurting completely, and the right knee which had always been the worse one only had mild discomfort. She was so pleased about it and said to me:"When we go out, my husband can't catch up with me now. I'm a new woman!" Then Mrs Young reduced the frequency of treatment to every two weeks. After a few more sessions, she was so confident that she decided to have a long break.