Mr S is a 72-year-old retired farmer. He came to see me in Jan 2012 with a very peculiar complaint which had lasted for several months – sometimes he suddenly felt a wave coming into his body, and it gave him an electric shock in the head and arms.  He could also hear a terrible noise in his ears and have a strong panic feeling as if he was going to die. This attack could happen at any time and would only last for a few seconds, but this was bad enough. When it came, he had to stop everything he was doing and hold onto something to stabilize himself, and would feel exhausted afterwards. He described it as “a horrible feeling”. Though Mr S had had cancer for 2 years, none of the doctors could explain where this panic attack had come from. For acupuncture, I used some points in the back of his neck and along his spine. A week later he told me that his head felt lighter and clearer after the first session, and he’d only had one attack in a week. After the second session, he had one attack in two weeks. For some reason he couldn’t come back after the fourth session, and a few months later I was told by his daughter that he didn’t get more panic attack since the last acupuncture session.