Alan, 62yrs, had shingles for a month. On the back of his right thigh, there was a big patch of skin covered with dried, scabby blisters sitting on red spots. He was having a burning pain not only in the local area, but also on the inside of his right leg and buttocks, especially worse at night.  The pain was there all the time and any touch could trigger a strong, sharp pain that made him jump. The pain plus lack of sleep made him exhausted. I said to him, had he come sooner, he would have suffered much less. He said he didn’t know that, and it was only the intolerable pain had made him finally decide to try acupuncture. Just as most shingles cases, he had some relief right after the acupuncture treatment. After two sessions, the lesion and pain had shrunk to a small area on the inside of his leg. After another two sessions, the pain was completely gone.