22 year-old Holly had a rash on her face for a month. It all started when she was having holiday in Canada. In the past she had occasionally had some itchy patches on her elbows and left leg, but never on her face. Now her cheeks and forehead were covered with some pinkish rash, and the skin looked flaky. Her face felt hot and itchy. She didn't know whether it was the food or something in the air in Canada caused it. She'd been to see doctors both in Canada and back in England and tried different creams, but none of them did any good. Finally it was her mum who benefited from my treatment suggested she come to see me. In terms of Chinese medicine, these symptoms were due to wind and heat invading the meridian of Lung. I chose some points on her head and back and applied acupuncture. A week later when Holly came back, she was so happy and told me that when she washed her face the next morning after the treatment, she found the rash had gone down dramatically. Now her cheeks looked slightly pinkish, still felt mildly irritating, but without any rash or skin flakes. After the second session of acupuncture I said to Holly: "I think we can leave it for now and see how it goes. If it still doesn't settle completely, you can come back again." But she never came back.