76-year-old Ron came to see me in 2009 for a problem in his right hand. He had a pain in the centre of the palm and his middle finger would lock when it bent, and he had to use the other hand to straighten it out. This condition is called "tenosynovitis", which is a local inflammation causing thickening in the tendon sheath. Because the movement of the tendon is restricted by the thickened tendon sheath, the finger is locked in a bending position, which is called "trigger finger". I found a few tender points on Ron's right arm and did electro-acupuncture and moxabastion on them. The pain in his hand was soon relieved. After 5 sessions, his finger could straighten freely again. Interestingly, three years later Ron came back to me with a same problem in the other hand. This time it was his ring finger. I gave him the same treatment again, and it took 6 sessions to get it back to normal.