Jean, 80-year-old farmer's wife, suddenly started getting a terrible pain on the right side of her face. She had unpredictable attacks of intense, electric shock-like pain, which would last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Sometimes a light touch on the right side of her nose could trigger the pain. Her doctor believed it was trigeminal neuralgia, which could be related with her long standing condition of multiple sclerosis (MS). In MS, trigeminal neuralgia is most often caused by damage to the trigeminal nerve. Jean was given pain killers but they didn't seem to help. Then her daughter brought her to me to try acupuncture. I examined her and applied a combination of needling, moxabustion and acupressure. She had a relief for a few days. As she had difficulty of movement due to the MS, she only came to see me when the pain got bad. The pain-free period was getting longer and longer, from a few days to a few weeks. After the fifth session she said she was going to a skiing resort in Austria with her family. I got quite worried that the journey and coldness could trigger her facial pain. But she was fine for the whole holiday. Now it's two months after they got back and she is still fine.