Mrs Chen was from China and came to England for a short visit. Maybe due to the climate change, soon after arrived she caught a cold, then started running into the loo frequently to empty her bladder. She urgently needed the toilet and had a burning pain when passing water. She felt shivery and tired, and also had a nagging feeling in the stomach. According to the symptoms, I understood she was having a urinary tract infection in addition to a cold. I suggested she has some acupuncture. Although she was from China where acupuncture originated, she wasn't sure if acupuncture could treat urinary tract infection. I told her that in my experience, if used properly, acupuncture should work more quickly than any other treatments. The points I chose were all in her tummy, and electric impulse and moxabustion were added to the needling. After 40 minutes' treatment, Mrs Chen got up and said:"My stomach feels so much better. I'm more energetic!" The next day I was told that the stomach and urinary problems didn't bother her again after the treatment.