June and her husband decided to start a family but didn't succeed after trying for a year. As June was 33 now, both of them were getting a bit anxious, so they went to see the doctor to have examinations. Apart from June's estrogen level was on the lower border, nothing came out positive. June had regular periods with normal blood colour and no obvious discomfort during the periods. She did have a tendency of feeling cold easily. Her tongue looked slightly pale and her pulse felt thin and taut. I believed the pattern of her condition was blood deficiency in the reproductive system, and suggested she has acupuncture. I used some points on her abdomen and back alternately. After four sessions of acupuncture, she had a period which she described "different" - she didn't have a mood swing before the period like she used to; the blood was darker and clottier. I explained to her this was a good sign, which meant her body was adjusting itself. She kept having weekly treatment and the following period didn't come. Surprisingly, she found out herself was pregnant. Her husband said to me a few times: "She is very happy." Ten months later, June gave birth to a healthy boy.