About Us

Dr Peng Zhang was born into a doctor's family in Beijing, China. His father was an eminent doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and his mother was a researcher in occupational health. At the age of 7, Peng made his first contact with Chinese medicine when his father taught him some rhymes which help to memorize the functions of acupuncture points. When he grew up, he studied in medical college for five years specializing in Chinese medicine. After graduated in 1991, he became a doctor in Beijing Friendship Hospital, where he met his wife Liyan, who was also doing Chinese medicine after graduated from medical school. The couple moved to England in 2002. Peng is based in Penrith, and Liyan practices in Workington.

Discussions about clinical cases are always going on in the family. The family background, professional training and rich clinical experience all contribute to their intuitive and effective treatments. They treat a wide range of health conditions by applying acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbal medicines. Many patients come to see Peng and Liyan because conventional Western medicine hasn't worked well for them and the vast majority of them could get instant relief after the treatment. "Amazing", "marvellous" and "magic" are frequently used words in their patients' compliments.